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Power-down your computer

8,215 people do this
Why?  Constantly running your computer wastes a significant amount of electricity. Use sleep mode when it's idle and turn the machine off at night to cut your ... more

Save up to £65 per year

Use your washing machine efficiently

7,739 people do this
Why?  Filling your washing machine to its recommended capacity and using lower temperatures can cut the cost of doing laundry while saving valuable resources, such ... more

Save up to £10 per year

Save energy while bathing

7,026 people do this
Why?  The average household uses most of its hot water for bathing. By taking showers instead of baths and shortening your shower time, you can reduce your water ... more

Save up to £65 per year

Line dry for outdoor-fresh laundry

6,019 people do this
Why?  Many laundry products try to copy the smell of fresh, line-dried laundry, but they don't come close. Line drying is an energy-saving habit with many benefits. ... more

Save up to £55 per year

Boil only the water you need

5,730 people do this
Why?  Electric kettles account for a third of the electricity used for cooking. You can reduce wasted energy and trim your electric bill by only boiling the water ... more

Save around £10 per year

Turn off lights when they're not needed

4,534 people do this
Why?  Lighting accounts for about 8% of total energy costs in the average home, so turning the lights off when you're not in the room is a simple way to make a dent ... more

Save up to £15 per year

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